Brass “ferretto” for Calabrian...
Brass “ferretto” for Calabrian...

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Brass “ferretto” for Calabrian homemade fusilli

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Brass “ferro” for fusilli and macaroni homemade fresh pasta. Length about 30 cm - Square base 5x5 mm.

This tool allows you to prepare a homemade pasta that best represents the Calabrian culinary tradition.


Brass “ferretto” for homemade fusilli / calabrian fusilli

The "ferretto" or "ferro" is a simple square section brass stick with very ancient origins that is used to make homemade ferretto pasta typical of the tradition of southern Italy and Calabria, also known as homemade fusilli, "Calabrian fusilli" or “macaroni”. The use of underwire to make homemade fusilli is actually widespread throughout southern Italy; here are some of the types of pasta that you can make with this tool:

  • Basilicata: Lucanian macaroni, Lucanian handmade fusilli, frizzuli, "Fusidd" or Lucanian ferricelli.
  • Puglia: Macaroni, Minchiareddi.
  • Calabria: Calabrese homemade fusilli, Fileja, Maccheroni, Scilateddhi, Scialatielli, Fhilateri.
  • Campania: Homemade Fusilli Campani, Fusilli Cilentani, Fusilli avellinesi, Fusillo Felittese, Fusilli alla Sorrentina,
  • Sicily: Busiate or Busiati.

There are many recipes for homemade fusilli: try them all thanks to our brass “ferretto”.

Characteristics of the Calabrian Brass “ferretto” for homemade fusilli

This tool is made of brass, has a length of 30 cm and a diameter of 5x5, it is straight, thin, resistant and perfectly squared. Ideal for making fusilli or macaroni

How to make homemade fusilli

To make fusilli by hand you need to roll a round piece of fresh pasta, sprinkled with a little flour, around the “ferretto” with the help of both hands. By moving your hands back and forth several times, the piece of dough is squeezed around it and forms a compact cylinder. The single piece is then easily removed from the Ferretto, to which it will not stick thanks to the flour.

The pluses of the Calabrian Brass “ferretto” for homemade fusilli

  • It is completely recyclable.
  • It is resistant over time, thanks to its resistance to corrosion.
  • It is portable, light and handy.
  • It is antibacterial and suitable for contact with food.

How to clean the Calabrian Brass “ferretto” for homemade fusilli

Clean it with a damp cloth in order to remove all residues of flour and fresh pasta, then pass it under warm water and let it dry in the air. Do not use detergents and soaps or wash it in the dishwasher.

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