We love brass! 25% discount until 31st of march

Choose the best quality tool to prepare your pasta: take advantage of the 25% discount on our brass products* by March 31st: pastry cutters, cutter wheels, adjustable pasta cutters and moulds.

* brass dies are not discounted.


The products in the Outlet category are new products that may have small defects and that for this reason we sell at a super affordable price.

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Manual dough press

Pasta cutting wheel


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Romagna prints

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Pasta Dryers

Garganelli boards

Pasta fatta in casa

From tradition to online sales

Tagliapasta was born because we love to think that some traditions will never disappear, to help people find a moment of union on a feast day.

Meeting around a table and preparing pasta, exchanging ideas and opinions, talking and rediscovering old ties a little neglected in this hectic era.

These products, made entirely in Italy, only want to be a minimal contribution to this cause.

Happy surfing, we hope you find the products you were looking for.


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