Passion, tradition and a lot of love for good things are the common thread that led me to create this business;  a real adventure full of memories.

Memories now distant but equally so dear of the holiday periods, when as a child I helped my grandmother and my mother in the preparation of homemade pasta.

The careful choice of raw materials and the gestures repeated with so much wisdom to create tortellini, lasagna and strichetti, make a smile arise on my face every time I think about it.

These happy memories of when I was a child and the desire to maintain the tradition of homemade pasta drove me to create and sell my products all made in Italy just like the ones I saw used as a child.

Even today in the family we use the same tools and follow the same traditional recipes handed down for generations to create the homemade pasta that, as a good Bolognese, can never be missing.

I sincerely hope that my passion for tradition and the good things of the past can “infect” you too by buying my products.

Paolo Canossa

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