Invite a friend and give him a 10% discount on his first purchase.
If your friend buys something you will receive a bonus of 7% of the value of his cart for the products only (excluding taxes), which you can use for your future purchases.

How does it work?

To access the "Invite a friend" function you need to create an account on our site: Create an account

Once registered by accessing your account page you can go to the menu section: "Sponsorship program".

From this section you can invite your friends giving them a 10% discount coupon for their first purchase.

The possible methods to invite a friend are:

  • Propose your sponsorship on social networks.
  • Communicate and send your sponsorship link to your friends, and/or publish it on the Internet (forum, blog ...).
  • Give them your email or your sponsor code to enter in the registration form.
  • Fill out a form to send an email.

Your friends, to take advantage of the discount you gave, must in turn register on our site before making the purchase using your sponsor code by following the affiliate link you provided.

As soon as your friends have signed up and completed their first order, you will receive as a reward an amount of money equal to 7% of the value of their purchased items excluding VAT.

This money received can be reused as a discount coupon for your future purchases.

To check how much you have received from your friends, you can go to your profile page and access the "My rewards Account" section where you can view all the rewards received.


When do I get credit on friends' purchases?

As soon as the friend completes his first order and it is delivered, 10% of the value of the products he has purchased, excluding VAT, will automatically be credited to your rewards account.

How do I use the credits received?

You must visit your account page and access the "My Rewards Account" menu where you can see the status of your credits and convert them into a discount coupon that can be used for your future purchases.

How long does a created voucher last?

The waxed voucher is valid for 365 days from the moment of its creation.

Can I use a voucher partially?

Of course, the voucher can be used several times until the remaining available credit runs out.

Can the discount coupon be combined with other coupons?

No, the discount coupon deriving from credits cannot be used simultaneously with other discount coupons.

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