Welcome to our affiliate marketing program.

Through our program, if you are a content creator and have a blog / site or a social page on Facebook, you can monetize their traffic.

Thanks to our affiliate program, by sharing the page of our site or directly advertising our products, you can earn with every purchase that your visitors will make.


Create an account on our e-commerce and join the Tagliapasta affiliate program.


Recommend our site and/or our products on your blog or Facebook profile/page.

Get Money

Earn 12% on purchased products.


How does the affiliate program work?

Our program allows you to monetize the traffic of your blog, your website or your Facebook page simply by sharing our content through a personalized affiliate code.

With each purchase you can earn 12% commission for each qualifying order.

Read the affiliation agreement, before signing up, for more information

What are the requirements to join the program?

To join the program you must be 18+ years old, have a blog, a website or a Facebook page and publish content in line with what is indicated in our affiliation agreement where you can learn more about every aspect before signing up.

Once registered, your application will be examined and if it meets all the requirements it will be approved.

How do you monetize with this program?

You can get income from the affiliate program by exploiting the traffic of your blog or your Facebook page by directing potential customers to our site.

With each qualifying purchase you will receive a 12% commission.

Find out more details by reading our affiliatiation agreement.

How to join the program?

First of all you have to create a customer account on our e-commerce, using a real email.

Read the affiliation agreement carefully and then you can subscribe to the affiliation program, using the same email, by filling out the request form in all its parts.

Your request will be evaluated and if it meets each prerequisite it will be approved.

Sign up for the affiliate program

To register correctly, you need to carefully follow all the following steps.


Read the affiliate agreement

Read the Affiliate Agreement to understand all legal and operational aspects before proceeding.


Create an account on the site

If you do not yet have a customer account on our site, click the following button to create a new one.


Fill out the form

Fill out the application form for registration to the affiliate program. Use the same email as the customer account.

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