Tagliapasta is an Italian excellence. It was born with the aim of providing professional catering operators with artisanal tools for the production of Italian pasta, respecting our culinary tradition.

At Tagliapasta we are committed to offering only the best of traditional Italian craftsmanship. Each of our instruments is made with care and passion, guaranteeing authenticity and quality in every single piece.

Choosing Tagliapasta means investing in products that reflect the rich culinary heritage of our country.

Why choose Tagliapasta?

Because it’s the number 1 in Italy for manual pasta tools

We are leaders in the manual pasta tools sector in Italy thanks to our reliability and superior performances. Our reputation is based on our customer satisfaction and on the uncompromising quality of our products.

Made in Italy

The "Made in Italy" label is synonymous with excellence and prestige in the culinary world. Each item we offer carries with it the prestigious Italian trademark, guaranteeing authenticity and superior quality.

Traditional artisan products

We keep ancient artisan traditions alive, preserving methods and techniques that date back generations. Each tool is made with expert craftsmanship, giving a unique touch to each creation.

Ideal products for professional catering

Our products are designed to meet the needs of professional chefs and food industry workers. The durability, efficiency and precision of our products make them the ideal choice for professional foodservice.


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Over 600 Products in the Catalogue

With a wide range of available options, you're sure to find the perfect tool for every culinary need. From classic models to the most modern innovations, our catalog offers an unparalleled variety to satisfy all your needs.


Manual Extruder

Manual dough press

Pasta cutting wheel


Rolling pins

Pasta Guitars

Romagna prints

Brass molds

HACCP Products

Pasta Dryers

Garganelli boards

Choose Tagliapasta.com for an authentic culinary experience, reliable and of superior quality.

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