Tagliapasta.com - Utensili per tagliare e chiudere la pasta e i biscotti Tagliapasta.com - Utensili per tagliare e chiudere la pasta e i biscotti Tagliapasta.com - Utensili per tagliare e chiudere la pasta e i biscotti Tagliapasta.com - Utensili per tagliare e chiudere la pasta e i biscotti Tagliapasta.com - Utensili per tagliare e chiudere la pasta e i biscotti Tagliapasta.com - Utensili per tagliare e chiudere la pasta e i biscotti Tagliapasta.com - Utensili per tagliare e chiudere la pasta e i biscotti Tagliapasta.com - Utensili per tagliare e chiudere la pasta e i biscotti


Tagliapasta.com is an on-line shop with a wide choice of traditional and handy 100% Italian tools for cooking lovers.

We believe our traditions should not vanish and we would like to help people finding family gathering again.

We love to spend our week-ends doing home-made pasta, together with friends and kids, chatting and laughing around our kitchen table: warm and happy moments which will help you to chill out and relax from your everyday routine. ...and it is a smart way to save money too!

We hope you will find what you need in our selection. Please, ask us about delivery costs all around the world!




04/07/2016 -   We are not telling you to drink water or eat a large amount of fruit and vegetables (TV news do it better!), but, please, store your wooden to …
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21/04/2016 -
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11/04/2016 - ... put Fattobene's event between the 8 Highlights from Fuorisalone 2016 events! We are proudly part of it with 3 iconic tools: our pasta cutter with …
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07/04/2016 - Let us share our joy with you: we've been picked by Fattobene (check out their gorgeous website: www.fatto-bene.com) and some of our tools will j …
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Grate, Dose & Keep Cool!

10/03/2016 - Wich color suits you best? Add it to your basket: http://www.tagliapasta.com/index/en/prodotti/show/grate-sprinkle/last-but-not-least.html?
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The brass dies family is growing up!

08/02/2016 - One news more for your brass drawn pasta: Spaccatelli and Torchietti now available! Cod. MG/Kit9
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Pasta & Pizza dough sheeter

29/01/2016 - An extremely helpful machine! The machine’s structure is built in stainless steel with special wooden rollers, to give the typical porosity and …
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Bigolaro # 5

21/12/2015 - Bigolaro #5 will replace our best seller Bigolaro #6 just within January 2016. Although similar (2 millimiters difference!), please note dies ar …
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12/11/2015 - A truly original gift. A way to express who’s the real King of Kitchen. A detail to amaze your guests. … So many reasons to put your i …
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Go for seconds!

06/11/2015 - Kind Customer, thanks to YOUR suggestions we added 5 arms more to our pasta drying rack... Now there is more room for tagliatelle! Have a look!
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A new stamp for your cappelletti!

18/09/2015 - Fluted and made of aluminium, diameter 4.8 cm. The automatic release cuts and blows the air away from your filled pasta. Code C2204
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Our brand new Tigelle Mold is here!

03/07/2015 - Tigelle mold + Tigelle cutter on Special Launch Offer for the whole July 2015.  Take advantage!
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A richer catalogue for you

19/06/2015 - Check out our latest news on News 2015 section! Thanks to your feedbacks we added smaller pots, new multipurpose tools, new stamps and trims for …
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02/03/2015 - Tagliapasta moved to a new, bigger place: Anzola dell'Emilia, via Caduti di Sabbiuno, 6/4.  New address, same good old quality. Give us a ring …
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Our catalogue has grown-up!

19/11/2014 - Download the update from our homepage!
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10/11/2014 - We proudly introduce you our brand new pasta drying box Aquarius! Easy to set up and to store, it will allow you to dry hygienically your fresh home …
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Some new gift ideas for you!

27/10/2014 - We love to offer fabulous and varied range of gifts. Have a look at our new ones, with board and 100% cotton cover. Check them out!
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We are happy to share our recipes with you!

14/10/2014 - Receipes and tips from the great culinary art of our Mums and Grandmothers.
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Tagliapasta's channel on YouTube!

22/09/2014 - How do our tools work?  Sign up on our brand new YouTube channel and find it out! You will see more than 25 videos with tips and suggestions.&nb …
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What about us?

30/07/2014 - Share your comments and help us to grow up! We wait for your feedbacks, suggestions, nice things or even bad ones! ... but please use consideration!
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Tagliapasta's Second Birthday!

15/05/2014 - To celebrate this important achievemet we proudly present you our new brass line "Cristina"! Single or adjustable dough cutter made with shining bras …
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25/03/2014 - Eager to find out our new tools? Download our .pdf price list!
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18/12/2013 - Now you can use your pasta extruder MG/OM/4003 even for making tagliolini, tagliatelle, pappardelle e passatelli thanks to the new additiona …
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A unique gift with antique appeal

22/11/2013 - Do you want to surprise a real pasta lover with an exclusive gift? Let us introduce you "Il Bigolaro": a tough brass pasta extruder, patented in 1875 …
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A new point of view

15/10/2013 - We added some new pictures showing how Tagliapasta cut your dough.  We hope they will be useful and wait for your feedback!
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Customize your tools!

12/08/2013 -
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April 2013 - New Items!

23/04/2013 - We took cooking lessons and now our doughs are bigger than ever... Now we need bigger boards and more trays to dry our ravioli in! Take a look at our …
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